Plants vs. Zombies Game Creator Wiki
Has a hard shell to block zombies


Slow (Sluggish in some games)

Plant Food

Gets a hard armored shell and gains an additional 85 health.

First obtained:

Tutorial Level 0-3

The third plant earned.


Plants vs. Zombies: Around the World[]

PvZ The Fall of The World[]

Plant food: Get armor.

Almanac: I am cute and tough! :3


  • His almanac entry is the only one with an emoticon.

Plants Vs. Zombies: The Next Levels[]

He is exactly the same as he was from Pvz2.

Almanac entry: Zombies go crazy over Wall-nut's taste. He's pretty annoyed by that.


  • This almanac entry may countradict his PvZ1 entry, explaining how he is fine with zombies biting on his hard shell.
    • However, he may just be annoyed by the Zombies' addiction to his taste, and not by then biting him in general.
      • However, Wall-nut starts to cry when he is almost dead, so he may no longer be fine with the zombies eating him.

Plants vs Zombies:Trip to The Mixed Island[]

Wall-Nut blocks zombies.It's found at 1-9


Skills:Hard-Nut = Gets an iron armor,adding 150 HP(Cost:225 Plant Food)

Cost:50 Sun

Recharge:Medium - 45 secs