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PvZTETW Sunflower.jpg
Produces sun every 20 seconds




50 Sun

Sun production:


Plant Food Upgrade:

Produces 125 sun.

First obtained:

Tutorial Level: 0-2

The second plant earned. It is one of the most basic plant and will always produce sun every 20 seconds.


PvZ Ultimate Destruction

Here Sunflowers Plant Food will create 2 100 Suns

PvZ The Fall of The World

In here, plant food will let sunflower heal up to 3 selected plants, and creates 25 sun for each plant healed.

Sunflower in Fall

Almanac: Her role in Garden Warfare as a major medic was recognized by Playername, and soon became a medic at saving the world. She still has her celebrity status, and loves fans. (Literally)

Plants vs Zombies, In the Future

Here it is renamed Money Flower, and instead of 25 sun it will create 10 (0). Its Wonder Upgrade will make it shoot a money bomb, destroying all zombies in the range and giving 5 (0) for each defeat.

Plants Vs. Zombies: The Next Levels

Sunflower's recharge has been sped up to 3 seconds.

Sunflower in The Next Levels

Almanac entry: Sunflower is famous for her music video "There's a zombie on your lawn". She has made millions of dollars off of it, and it is the second most viral song on Plantdora. She has many fans. Many have said she was there since the beginning, but nothing will change the fact that she was unlocked in level 1-2.

Plants vs Zombies:Trip to The Mixed Island

Sunflower make sun.It's found at 1-3(Forest - 1st modify)

Special:Makes 25 sun,nothing more.

Recharge:Very Fast - 5 secs

Skills:We don't any zombies on your lawn! = Damages all zombies,dealing 18 NDS,45 NDS if wears metal objects and


giving 25 sun each defeated zombie,Also,it can heals all plants and slowdown zombies(Cost:125 Plant Food)

Plants vs. Zombies: Around the World

PvZ: Zombie Swarms

Sunflower is unchanged, although he does create 50 sun instead of 25

Alamantic Entry: Sunflower thought she'd always be there on the journey to zomboss, no matter what, until something went horribly wrong...