Snow Repeater shoots 2 snow peas.A Repeater version of Snow Pea

History[edit | edit source]

Plants vs Zombies:Trip to The Mixed Island[edit | edit source]

Snow Repeater shoots 2 snow peas.It's found at ?-?.

Damage:2 NDS(total)

Special:Slows down zombies

Snow Repeater in PvZ:Trip to The Mixed Island

Skills:Resnowing = Like "Do You Like Snow...?" of Snow Pea,but its all lanes and the time is doubled(Cost:175 Plant Food)

    :Blizzarrier = Makes a icicle that protects 3 lanes and slowdown zombies.At the last bite,the icecle explodes,immobilizing all zombies and dealing 45 NDS(Cost:275 Plant Food)

Almanac:He loves snowstorms,it regeneres him."I'm very icy to take snowstorms".Says Snow Repeater."I like why have ice shards,very icy and very vital to me".He really likes it,he can't live without it.

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