Plants vs. Zombies Game Creator Wiki

Plants vs. Zombies Remastered is a new version of Plants vs. Zombies.


Plant Name Plant Image Plant Info Plantfood Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge Level Found
PVZIAT Peashooter.jpg
The Peashooter Shooots peas at the incomming zombies. The Peashooters plantfood is to shoot 40 peas at once. 100 Sun Fast Flower Field 1-0
The Sunflower Creates sun over time The Sunflowers plantfood is to create 125 sun at once. 50 Sun Fast Flower Field 1-1
PVZIAT Wallnut.png
Blocks off zombies for a short time. The Wallnuts plantfood is to become invincible for 10 seconds. 50 Sun Slow Flower Field 1-2
Potato Mine
PZIAT Potatomine.png
Explodes when hit, but takes time to arm The Potato Mines plantfood is to create 2 more armed potato mines. 25 Sun Medium Flower Field 1-4


Shoots all zombie in a short radius. Shoots a huge spear hitting all zombies on the row. 100 Sun Fast Flower Field 1-6
Cherry Bomb
Blows up all zombies in an area. N/A 150 Sun Slow Flower Field 1-8
PVZIAT Repeater.png
Shoots 2 peas at once! Shoots 60 peas at once! 200 Sun Fast Flower Field 1-11

Will add more


Zombie Name Plant Image Plant Info Special Speed Strengh Level Found
Runs slowly and hungrily towards your brains. Nothing Regular Low Flower Field 1-1
Conehead Zombie
Runs slowly towards your brains with extra toughness. Has a cone to help defence. Regular Medium Flower Field 1-3
Buckethead Zombie
Runs slowly to your brains with super toughness. Has a bucket to greatly prove defence. Regular Strong Flower Field 1-5

Will add more!


Powerup Name Powerup Image Powerup Info Level Unlocked
Sandstorm Comming Soon Sends a sandstorm in a target row sending all zombies to the start and damaging them. 2-5
Snowstorm Comming Soon Sends a snowstorm in a target row freezing and damaging all zombies 3-5
Spike Earth Comming Soon Sends Spikes, that are able to hurt zombies, from the ground in a target row. 5-5
Fireball Comming Soon Sends a fireball in a target area burning zombies 6-5


Gamemode Name Gamemode Image Gamemode Info
Survival Comming Soon The Regular Survival Game, defend against the zombies.
Hard Mode Comming Soon Hard version of survival, use all you can to defeat the tougher zombies
Minigames Comming Soon Play some fun minigames instead of the actual game.
Survival Comming Soon Play 10 waves of fighting the undead.
Sandbox Comming Soon Build a great defence of anything, and try it against any zombie types.


  • Did you know they are no trivia yet?!?!


Comming Soon

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