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Plants Vs. Zombies: The Next Levels is an expansion pack that is purchasable for all systems that PvZ is on, except for the DS, since it's external.

New features[]

All games[]

  • All minigames of all versions available in any version
  • New plants
  • New zombies
  • 7 new worlds, and downloadable bonus worlds
  • Extra bosses
  • Survival endless for all kinds of levels
  • Add more!

DSi versions[]

  • Improved graphics
  • Added Zen Garden


Features so big that they get their own section!


By using the Cooking Pot, you can fuse plants together! Some examples include...

  • Tri-pult, obtained by fusing Threepeater and Cabbage-pult. Lobs three cabbages in three rows!
  • Snowflake-shroom, obtained by fusing Snow Pea and Fume-shroom. Shoots Snowflakes that pierce and cools zombies!
  • Lily Peashooter, obtained by fusing Peashooter and Lily Pad. Shoots peas while letting other plants sit on top of it for up to five projectiles at once!
  • Pea-Shroom, obtained by fusing Puff-Shroom and Peashooter. Shoots pea spores but he doesn't sleep during the day.
  • Bowling-Nut, obtained by fusing Wall-Nut and Bowling Bulb. Rolls on the ground.
  • Rechiller, obtained by fusing Repeater and Snow Pea. Shoots ice peas 2 times.


Occasionally, Treasure chests will appear on the map. Complete interesting challenges and obtain cool treasures! Such as...

  • Coins!
  • New minigames!
  • Plant buffs!
  • Zombie nerfs!
  • Even new plants all together!


The toughest zombies in the game! Can you beat them before they (b)eat you?

Plants and Zombies[]


Returning Plants[]

Pic Name Unlocked Data
Peashooter TNL.png
Peashooter At the start of the game

Cost: 100

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Regular shooting plant

Sunflower TNL.png
Sunflower After 0-1

Cost: 50

Recharge: Swift

Effect: Generates sun

Wall-nut TNL 1.png
Wall-nut After 0-2 Cost: 50

Recharge: Sluggish Effect: takes more bites to eat than average plant

Bonk Choy TNL.png
Bonk Choy After 0-3 Cost: 125

Recharge: Regular Effect: Punches zombies

Cherry Bomb TNL.png
Cherry Bomb After 1-1 Cost: 150

Recharge: Boring Effect: Effect:Explodes 9 tiles, killing zombies

Potato mine TNL.png
Potato mine After 1-2 Cost: 25

Recharge: Sluggish Effect: Arms in 18 seconds, explodes on contact afterwards

Iceberg Lettuce TNL.png
Iceberg lettuce After 1-3 Cost: 0

Recharge: Sluggish Effect: Freezes zombie when touched

Repeater After 1-5 Cost: 200

Recharge: Regular Effect: Shoots 2 peas at a time. Special: Can be planted to replace Peashooters

Chomper TNL.png
Chomper After 1-6 Cost: 125

Recharge: Swift Effect: Eats zombies, but needs to chew them

Squash TNL.png
Squash ** After 1-8 Cost: 50

Recharge: Sluggish Effect: Squashes zombies

Puff-shroom TNL.png
Puff-shroom After 1-10

Cost: 0

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Free, but low ranged shooter

TBA Sun-shroom After 2-1

Cost: 25

Recharge: Swift

Effect: Produces small sun, then regular sun after growth.

Fume-shroom TNL.png
Fume-shroom After 2-2

Cost: 75

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Shoots fumes that pierce and ignore most shields

Grave Buster After 2-3

Cost: 0

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Eats a grave

Hypno-shroom After 2-5

Cost: 75

Recharge: Boring

Effect: First zombie to eat this gets hypnotised.

Scaredy-shroom TNL.png
Scaredy-shroom After 2-6

Cost: 25

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Long ranged, but hides from zombies to prevent getting eaten.

Heavenly Peach After 2-7

Cost: 150

Recharge: Boring

Effect: Heals plants around it

Doom-shroom After 2-8

Cost: 125

Recharge: Boring

Effect: BOOOOOOOOOM! Destroys a huge area, but leaves a crater where it once stood.

Lily Pad After 2-10

Cost: 25

Recharge: Swift

Effect: Allows planting on pool and lava

Pea Pod After 3-1

Cost: 125

Recharge: Average

Effect: PEashooting plant that can be added to.

Threepeater After 3-2

Cost: 325

Recharge: Average

Effect: Shoots in three rows

Tangle Kelp After 3-3

Cost: 25

Recharge: Boring

Effect: Grabs a zombie and pulls it in to the pool.

Jalapeno After 3-5

Cost: 125

Recharge: Boring

Effect: Kills a whole row of zombies

Spikeweed After 3-6

Cost: 100

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Hurts zombies and pops tires.

Torchwood After 3-7

Cost: 175

Recharge: Swift

Effect: Peas that pass through are doubled in damage.

Sea-shroom After 3-10

Cost: 0

Recharge: Decent

Effect: Puff-shroom in water

Plantern After 4-1

Cost: 25

Recharge: Sluggish

Effect: Lights up Fog and Darkness.

Aspearagus * After 4-2

Cost: 150

Recharge: Average

Effect: pops balloons and shoots zombies before they even appear on the screen!

Tall-nut After 4-3

Cost : 100


Effect:Heavy Duty wall that can block zombies once they come and cant be passed over by balloons

Split Pea After 4-5 Cost: 125

Recharge: Regular Effect: Shoots in front of and behind itself.

Blover After 4-6 Cost: 75

Recharge: Regular Effect: Blows away flying zombies and fog temporarily.

Star Fruit After 4-7 Cost: 125

Recharge : Fast Effect : Shoots stars in 5 direction that pierce 5 zombies.

Magnifying Grass After 4-8 Cost : 150

Recharge : Average Effect : Burns sun to shoot a powerful laser in its lane!

Flower Pot After 4-10

Cost: 25 (Roof, Rain), Free (All other levels)

Recharge: Swift

Effect: Allows roof planting

Cabbage-pult After 5-1

Cost: 100

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Lobs cabbages over roof

Kernel-pult After 5-2

Cost : 100

Recharge: Regular

Effect : Lobs kernels and butter over the roof.

Coffee bean After 5-3

Cost: 100

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Wakes up Mushrooms

.* means it technically didn't return as it is not in PvZ or PvZ:iAT, but was still made before PvZ:TNL.

.** Means it's unlock area has been drastically changed.

New Plants[]

Pic Name Unlock Stats
Vine Wheelbarrow TNL.png
Vine wheelbarrow After 1-7

Cost: 100

Recharge: Slow

Effect: Collects sun in a 3x3x3 area

Blocolli After 3-8

Cost: 125

Recharge: Boring

Effect: Blocks zombies' path, takes 5 seconds to push, no matter what amount.

Upgrade Plants[]

Picture Name Price Stats
Gatling Pea 10,000


Upgrades: Repeater

Effect: Shoots four peas at a time!

Twin Sunflower Free

Cost: 100

Upgrades: Sunflower

Effect: Creates two sun at once!


Picture Name Cost Stats
Coconut Cannon $1.99

Cost: 375

Recharge: Mediocre

Effect: Shoots a coconut that explodes and hurts zombies.

Marigold $.99

Cost: 75

Recharge: Fast

Effect: Produces money

Tile Turnip $1.99

Cost: 0 (Increases by 100 each time)

Recharge: Boring

Effect: Creates a unique power tile.

Chili Pepper $.99

Cost: 25

Recharge: Boring

Effect: Freezes every zombie on one lane.

Bamboo Drill $1.99

Cost: 150

Recharge: Fast

Effect: When a zombie gets near, drills back and forth rapidly.

Sniper Leaf $1.99

Cost: 125

Recharge: Fast

Effect: Shoots every 4 seconds for 5 peas worth of damage.



1.99 Cost: 150

Recharge: Regular

Effect: Shoots a pea that deals 2 damage and has half the health of a wall-nut.


Returning Zombies[]

New Zombies[]

Pic Name First appearance Data
TBA Training Dummy 0-1

Health: 5

Speed: Creeper

TBA Boxer Zombie 1-5 Health: 8

Speed: Hungry

Want to add your own Plants or Zombies? HEre's how![]

1. Ask the creator.

2.Use this for guidance:

Pic: Picture of the plant/Zombie

Name: Self explanitory

Unlocked/First appearance: Where you find the plant or discover the zombie

Data: For plants, use this:




For recharge, it goes like this:

Swift: Fastest, takes 3 seconds to recharge

Regular: Same speed as PEashooter in the original PvZ. 6 seconds, I think?

Sluggish: Slow. 30 seconds.

Boring: Very slow, 45 seconds.

Very slow: As name applies. 1 minute

Forever: Slowest recharge. 10 minutes. Usually you can only plant one per stage.

For zombies:



Special (If it has one):

For speed, it goes like this:

Unnatural: Fastest. Takes 5 seconds to get to your house.

Speedy: Takes 9 seconds

Fast: Takes 18 seconds

Hungry: takes 25 seconds

Regular: Takes 31 seconds

creeper: Takes 50 seconds

Drag: Takes 1 minutes and 30 seconds

Snail's pace: Takes 2 minutes

Unmoving: Does not move, will not go to your house.



  • Zombotany - The zombies have plant heads they use against you! Fight them!
  • Slot Machine - Gain 2000 sun with the support of a slot machine!
  • Wall-nut Bowling - Bowl over the zombies!


  • Whack-a-Zombie - Whack-a-mole, but with zombies!
  • Grave-y on the side - Graves appear everywhere!


  • Big Trouble Little Zombie - Zombies are smaller and weaker, but appear more abundantly.
  • Last Stand - Plan your defense with limited sun.




  • It's Raining Seeds - This one's pretty obvious.


  • Snowball Fight - Power Snow is free, but you get no plants. Good luck.

Ice Caves[]


  • Zombies Tower defense 5 - You can now use Aspearagus, bu you only get that, Balloon Pot and OUPs. Balloons have layers now. Each layer goes faster than the last, and contains the last. The chain is Red > Blue > Green > Yellow > Pink > Purple.



  • Sun Bombs (Mini-game) - Survive as sun bombs fall from the sky


  • Peashooter Quest: A short, classic-style platformer based off of PvZ. If played in Adventure mode, you can gain extra lives.


  • Melt Pit Madness - Guide the zombie into the melt pit before the lava diver gets to the end.


  • Brainsweeper - Play a game of Minesweeper... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!


Hidden achievements[]

These achievements are so hard or unfair to find. These will not be seen until achieved. Most of them give you plants.

Loading Screen Hints[]

  • " Make sure you don't run out of lives, or else you'll be set back to the last story point!"
  • "Sun-producing plants are important! Make sure you have at least 3 of them at all times!"
  • "Although you may be encouraged to use more powerful plants, some of them are really expensive, so try to keep some cheapies with you to save up sun!"
  • "Don't rely on Chomper too much. Every time he eats a zombie, he has to digest them, meaning he can't eat another zombie for 15 seconds."
  • "Slowdown is really powerful! It makes every plant twice as effective!"
  • "Don't fill your lawn with offensive plants. Make sure you have some defensive plants and sun producing plants alongside."
  • "Mushrooms sleep in the day. Be aware of this."
  • "Save your plant food."
  • "While One-use Plants look effective, they can only be used once per purchase, just like their name says. Use them wisely!"
  • "Instants are usually best suited for last resorts."
  • "Inhale-shroom is really important! He can swallow small zombies, like Imps and chickens!"
  • "Lightning Reed gets his power from strength in numbers. Plant a lot for shocking destruction! (Parden the pun...)"
  • "While the Crawler Zombie may look threatening, Lobbed-shot plants and Inhale-shroom can attack her, so make sure you use those."
  • "Protect your Chompers."
  • "The score on the 8-bit levels? That's important. For every 100,000 points you get, you gain money!"
  • "Blover + Spring Bean is a really scary strategy. Using plant food on the Spring Bean, then planting a blover effectively kills every zombie!"
  • "Thu zombies ar ackshully rilly nice. let thum in yer haose and they can have a partee wit yu. this loding screne is brought to yu by the zombies."
  • "The Hypno-shroom's Plant Food effect is wacky. Go check it out!"
  • "Have you seen the Zombie Yeti yet?"
  • "In Adventure Mode, be careful not to get your brains eaten. You only have three lives to start, and they're very hard to replenish."
  • "In Adventure Mode, running out of lives causes you to do the entire lawn ALL OVER AGAIN. So keep alert!"
  • "Not every message is fun or useful. This one is a good example."
  • "Use your powerups sparringly. They cost a lot, and it's not very easy to get money."
  • "Aspearagus can shoot zombies that haven't entered the screen yet. Very handy!"


  • In the trailer, it is shown in a newspaper to say that "Cactus is being held captive by the zombies." This may explain why she is not in the game, and instead replace with Aspearagus.
  • Some almanac entries contradict themselves. For example, the Wall-nut grows annoyed by the zombies eating him, the Snow Pea and Lily Pad are referred to as girls, and Football Zombie is said to have scored 50 goals, despite not knowing what a football is.
    • Football zombie might have just started to know what a football is, and took this to an advantage.
    • Lily Pad may have been made female to make the Girl Power! achievement easier.

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