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PVZIAT Peashooter.png
Shoots peas at incoming zombies.



Sun Cost:

100 Sun

Plant Food Upgrade:

Shoots approximately 25 peas per second. Lasts for 5 seconds equaling 125 peas.

First obtained:

Tutorial Level: 0-1

Peashooter is the first plant earned and the most primary offensive plant of the Plants vs. Zombies series. It is the most basic plant and will always shoot peas at incoming zombies if possible.


Plants vs. Zombies: Around the World[]

Under construction.

Plants vs. Zombies: Ultimate Destruction[]

Here its plantfood is to shoot 2 giant peas.

PvZ The Fall of The World[]

Almanac: Peashooter went to the lawn to find a horde of Zombies, then he shot them one by one till all covered in peas!


  • Say the almanac in the rhythm of the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill.

Peashooter in Fall.

Plants Vs. Zombies: The Next Levels[]

Peashooter is no different than what it was like in PvZ2

Peashooter in The Next Levels.

Almanac Entry: Peashooter was the first plant in every adventure he was in. Everybody loves him, except for the zombies. Some people wonder if he ever gets sick of his job. "Well, somewhat. Until I get myself eaten by the zombies, I usually enjoy my job," Says peashooter, "But I wish I would stop being thrown aside when other plants are unlocked."

Plants vs. Zombies: The Mysterious Island[]

I am sad that i don't get used much the more players play this game. But being first makes up for it!

PvZ: Zombie Swarms[]

Peashooter is unchanged

Almanac Entry: Peashooter loved being the centre of attention in the garden, but then new plants came into the lawn and stole his popularity, and he said he would get revenge on the plants for this.