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Cabbage-pult throws cabbages at zombies.

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PvZ The Fall of The World[]

Almanac: "Is that a bird?" asked Peashooter. "Nope, that's definitely a plane," said Newspaper Zombie. But the falling cabbage hit Newspaper Zombie right after he answered Peashooter.

Cabbage-Pult in Fall

Plants Vs. Zombies: The Next Levels[]

Cabbage-pult is unlocked one level later than it was in PvZ. Otherwise, it has no differences from its PvZ2:iAT counterpart.


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Cabbage-pult is constantly being picked on by other pults for being the youngest of the pult brothers. Thankfully, each time, Melon-pult knocks some sense into them.

Plants vs Zombies:Trip to The Mixed Island[]

Cabbage-pult throws cabbages at zombies.It's found at ?-?

Damage:2 NDS

Skills:Cabbagiant = Throws 2 giant cabbages that deal 10 NDS in a 3x3 area(Cost:100 Plant Food)          

    :Healer = Heals plants in a 3x3 area(Cost:150 Plant Food)

    :Powerful Song = Summons 4 Cabbage-Pults like Dancing Zombie(Cost:250 Plant Food)

Note:If there is a plant on the summoned Cabbage-Pult's tile,that plant will be banished from that tile,but if was a Power Lily or a Sunflower,will drop Plant Food or Sun and attack.

Recharge:Very Fast - 5 secs

Cost:100 Sun